Twitter launches ‘interest targeting’ to help advertisers reach people in 350 categories

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Twitter has today launched interest targeting, incentivizing advertisers with 350 more reasons to pay to promote their tweets.

Interest targeting pivots around Twitter’s real-time interest graph and offers advertisers a way to target their messages to specific audiences by selecting from more than 350 interest-related categories. Offered interests include everything from specific life stages, particular pets, personal finance interests, style and fashion preferences, education levels, and movie and music genres.

Twitter’s two-level interest hierarchy is composed of more than 350 categories.

The information network lets advertisers choose their audiences by selecting interests from a two-level hierarchy, as pictured right.

“As an example, if you were promoting a new animated film about dogs, you could select Animation, under Movies and Television; Cartoons, under Hobbies and Interests; and Dogs, under Pets,” explained Kevin Well, Twitter’s director of product management.

Advertisers looking to slice and dice audiences more precisely can create custom segments…

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