Starting Up Smart: Why Start-Ups Need To Hire Women | The Daily Muse


Starting Up Smart: Why Start-Ups Need To Hire Women | The Daily Muse.

This is a great link to some basic tenets as to why it’s important to have women on your team as a start-up. After working at an all male software start-up myself,  I can truly relate to the paragraph below that I just pulled from this article.

1. Women Have Higher Social Sensitivity & Empathy

“Women tend to empathize more. They actually listen. They have open minds. Women have an uncanny ability to understand what a user wants, and how he or she is feeling when using a product or service. Is it useful? Is it intuitive?

Women are fantastic at conducting user interviews, holding feedback sessions, collecting ideas and synthesizing them into actionable requirements, prioritizing features, designing wireframes, and ultimately, communicating business needs to the technical team.

I would even go so far as to say women make better product managers and user experience specialists in a start-up environment—a sentiment echoed by Fred Wilson at Rachel Sklar’s event “Diversity In Tech: A Great Investment”  last October. In a world where we’re aiming to build products that fill in the gaps of unmet needs, what better person to do the job than a woman?”


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