How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign |


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How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign |

I’ve been touting the need for visuals to business owners for awhile now. Here’s a great read on why and how to get great content. The writer points out the tendency for viewers to survey image first, as opposed to ads and other text sections. I would also add video to this bucket. People are simply attracted to imagery and enjoy learning about the people and products they love. Behind the scenes ¬†imagery is great fodder for content online. Check it for yourself; it’s an insightful article for any business owner learning to connect their product to the real world.


6 Best Practices for SEO 2012

Google heat map showing "Places" on organic search is hot spot for searchers.

6 Best Practices for Modern SEO.

Here’s a good article on SEO for 2012. I’m really happy to see this. It’s helped me update a bit for my own methods while starting a new project on SEO. It’s aligned pretty well with what I’ve learned, but it includes an up-to-date perspective, which can get lost in the mumbo-jumbo of documentation that is just too old on the internet and in classrooms. This is great timing considering I’ve started preliminary research and consultation to do search engine optimization for a photographer site! Click the link above to read more details.