The Latest and Greatest – Brand Advocates Making Waves on Facebook

Example of Wildfire Webinar -


Hello all — I wanted to share the most recent interesting webinar I’ve found on social media for business. Yes, I’m already a believer in this because I’ve seen and heard about many case studies of success over the past couple of years, as well as some failures (GM). But, this one in particular talks about different types of fans on Facebook and why the advocates are so important. Not only will they share your promotions, they will engage like no other on your page, turning your marketing and sales ideas into conversions. Just watch and see what I’m talking about. The metrics and examples are there!

Compliments of Wildfire (the one that was just acquired by Google).

Let me know what you think.


“A New Beginning – Is Fear Holding You Back?”

CEO Lazerow (Buddy Media) expresses himself after selling his social media company to Salesforce for $689 million. The story is in the history of his life. Check it out!

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