Tech Story Time

Hello Avid TMM Reader. I’m adding this page because I can’t help but include the little bits and pieces of stories I hear in tech that are not necessarily web marketing, but have grabbed me in some way and are related to tech. So, if you are like me, and have fantasized about growing up in Silicon valley as a child, then listen and read on.

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George Dyson on Turing’s Cathedral

picture of George DysonIn “Turing’s Cathedral,” George Dyson tells the “creation story” of the computer age — the story of the birth of the first computers and the first address matrix.  Dyson grew up playing in the backyard of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton — where his parents, and a team of brilliant engineers and mathematicians, developed the prototype of the computers we still use today.


 *   VIDEO 1 :  YouTube  –  version via  

“Turing’s Cathedral” author George Dyson tells Hari Sreenivasan how the building the hydrogen bomb gave rise to the modern computer and the digital age.”

*  VIDEO 2:  by    [Recorded: March 7, 2012]

Turing’s Cathedral. Author George Dyson in Conversation with John Hollar


Turing’s Cathedral
(George Dyson)

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